A New Pokemon Game In The Works?

According to several reports circulating around the interweb, we are to expect another Pokemon game to be revealed in next months edition of ‘Dengeki Nintendo’, which is a very popular Japanese magazine. No details regarding this new Pokemon game have been announced as of yet, which leads many to speculate that this next addition to the Pokemon game franchise may launch exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS or perhaps remain on the same format as Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

My personal opinion on this is that whatever this next Pokemon might be, it will most probably on be the same format as the the previous two games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. I only say this because of what we have seen so far with regards to the past Pokemon games; Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released first then Pokemon Platinum followed a little while later, surely we can expect the same again? The next issue of ‘Dengeki Nintendo’ is due May 21st, which should hopefully spread more light on this mysterious Pokemon game.


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