New Questionable Evidence Emerges Implicating Anonymous in PlayStation Network Shutdown

As I outlined in a previous article written last night about the PlayStation Network shutdown, Anonymous has officially denied responsibility for the attack in an open letter. They have also released a video statement using a computer generated voice-over and an eerie musical accompaniment. In the video statement, Anonymous reiterates what was said in the letter, and then goes on to use the bad publicity is still publicity argument.

You all do realize that every parody, every blog, every article, every comment made on the internet, in term spreads the anonymous message. With every message you preach, you offer to the individual the chance for curiosity to take hold. You realize they are just as likely to change their view on Anonymous from opposition to support. You are strangling yourself with the very thing you wish to see destroyed

You can take a look at the full video below.

But despite this message, another video containing more revolutionary rhetoric has recently surfaced that was not made in the traditional Anonymous style. This video contains more enhanced visuals and a loop of a clip from V for Vendetta in his Guy Fawkes mask as well as a PS3 on a desk. This second video urges consumers to protest Sony’s corrupt business practices and was uploaded by YouTube user Anon19861 on April 12th, eight days before the cyber attack on the PlayStation Network. The official Youtube channel of Anonymous is allegedly TheAnonPress, but it’s hard to tell what’s legitimate at this point. The video below could just be created by an out-of-control Anonymous fanboy, or it may be real.

What do you all think? Does the above video implicate Anonymous in any way, or is it just the mad ramblings of a wannabe Anonymous fanboy? Even if Anonymous did hack the PlayStation Network, is what they’re doing protecting the rights of the consumer, or is it just pure vengeance?

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  • Did anyone ever really just roll with the punches and said to themselves “Okay well now that PSN is down, I guess I can just play the single player campaign until it comes back”. I honestly don’t know why there’s such outrage over online when there’s only a handful of games that NEED to be played online

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      While it’s definitely exaggerated, I think the issue is that people use the PSN because it’s free and bought COD and Madden for it with the expectation that they could use their product as intended. Personally, I’m just going to play some Dead Space 2 and call it a day.

  • Me

    I think it could very well be related to anonymous. I also think they very well could have just recoiled in fear of general disapproval amongst the online masses. I understand the opposition of Sony after the geohotz situation. But this affects the people even more than the company. The ‘message’ of anonymous is watered down and generically ineffective at best. It accomplishes nothing and is just another beacon of negativity towards the community of hackers, jailbreakers, and tech related peoples everywhere.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      That’s true. Whether it was members of Anonymous or not remains to be seen, but the greater social message is lots because this is directly hurting the consumer and like you said, just goes to portray the hacking community as vindictive.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      Thanks for posting this. Is this a recruiting video?

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  • Daniel,
    you do realize the 2nd video was posted on the 7th, right? It may have nothing to do with what’s currently taking place in PSN. For all we know, it might have been posted regarding the outage on the 4th of this month.

    Just thought I’d bring that possibility to mind. But, even if it were the case of our current predicament, didn’t they say affecting the gamers would go against their real purpose for any such attempt to hack Sony?

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      I think the second one was released on the 12th actually, but still it’s a bit, eight days before as I think I pointed out, the attack.

      It’s true that that video could be in reference to what they did earlier in the month, which was still, you know, illegal.

      And this hack would definitely go against their stated purpose, but of course, Anonymous doesn’t actually have a collective viewpoint. They’re just a bunch of kids who “do it for the lulz”

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  • n

    I think what upsets me is the fact that Sony released a system that was disfuntional from the start (and was extremely overpriced and hard to get). I know someone who got a first generation system and they just paid for a second “replacement” system from Sony! At this rate he will have paid for like 10 by the time the next system comes out. Sony generally makes good products but when they do have a problem they do not go above and beyond to make customers happy. I bought a PS3 for the free gaming network but at this rate I may have to sell my system and by an XBox just to play! It seems to me that after this attack or whatever the problem is, we will all be paying for the network because they will have to ensure the “integrity” of the network.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      As I recall, both Xbox 360 and PS3 were pretty bad and overpriced when they were first released.

  • daniel your a no life garbge ur anonymous 2 just like all of us tht hack

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      You caught me, I took down the PSN. Sorry guys.