Gaming Confessions: Incredible Crisis

Hello everyone, I am back after a short holiday down to London for the Kapow Comic Con and a family wedding. I suspect most of you were probably happy with my 2 week absence or didn’t realise I was actually gone but the important thing is I am back to bore you with my incoherent ramblings.

This week’s confession is about a game from my childhood, a game that I picked up in the bargain bin of a bookstore in s shopping mall. A game that was so absurd that it could only be accompanied by a Ska soundtrack. I am of course referring to the brilliantly stupid incredible crisis.

Words cannot describe this game; it has to be seen to be believed. Would you believe there is actually a story involved in this game, from Wikipedia

It is grandmother Haruko’s birthday. She wants everyone home early for her special day: the day that serves as a reminder that she has been alive for more years than she can remember. Unfortunately, her family has completely forgotten and make up last-minute birthday promises to Haruko. The game begins like any other normal day for the family members – father Taneo, mother Etsuko, daughter Ririka, and son Tsuyoshi – until strings of events stand as obstacles in their way of returning to Haruko’s with the presents.

Okay so when I said story I was being kind, this is basically a mini-game compendium one of the first I believe but to this day it’s one of my favourites.


This game is rated as T for teen, so you wouldn’t expect anything too out of the ordinary, neither did I then I came across this level, without context what do YOU think is going on here?

Guaranteed when you play this game it is as this point that your friend/mother/sister/brother will walk into the room.

Don’t let it fool you, this game is actually quite difficult but I cannot recommend it enough. Think of it as a hidden gem. If you can find a copy buy it, if you can’t find it then I’m sure it is available from other less scrupulous sites as a download. If you can’t do or don’t want to do either then look below, I have compiled a selection of YouTube videos which pretty much covers the entire game, so sit back relax and enjoy the insanity.

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