How Angry Birds Is Destroying The World

How Angry Birds Is Destroying The World

Click the link above to enjoy my YouTube debut as I explain How Angry Birds Is Destroying The World!

For anyone interested, the math breakdown:

1. The iPhone 3GS consumes 4 Watts when charging. A full charge requires 3 hours = 12 Watt*hours.

2. At best guess, there have been 100 million downloads of Angry Birds. I’ll attribute 3 hours of playtime to each download = 300 million hours played.

3. Since the playtime equals a full charge, 100 million full charges have been used for the sole purpose of playing Angry Birds.

4. 100 million full charges * 12 Watt*hours = 1.2 million kilowatt*hours (kWh).

5. 1 kilogram of coal = 2 kWh, so 600,000 kg of coal consumed so power Angry Birds.

6. 1 kWh = 2 lbs CO2 produced, so 2,400,000 pounds of CO2 produced. A carbon offset company would charge $30-$50k to offset this.

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  • Anonymous

    Shouldnt the title instead read “How Angry Birds is saving the world”? Your argument is that angry birds play is consuming lots of power… however what if it instead is saving power as it distracts people from using their consoles or pcs to play games.

    The same 300 million hours of play on a Xbox 360 would use somewhere between 37,500,000,000 and 52,500,000,000 (depending on how much power a 360 is using, low end calculated with 125w/hr, high end 175w/hr). Angry Birds on the other hand uses just 3.2% of that even going off the low estimate