Nintendo Talks a New System

It’s happening: Nintendo has confirmed that they’re planning on releasing a successor to the Wii. While there hasn’t been a lot of information, a few things have been divulged:

1. The system won’t be making an appearance any time before April of 2012.
2. Despite its implementation in the new DS, Nintendo isn’t planning on putting 3D onto the big[ger] screen.
3. Pretty much all other questions will be answered at this year’s E3 (which is right around the corner).

Rumors are flying — touch screens and motion controls and improved hardware, oh my! — but why speculate when all will be revealed in just a few short weeks? As more concrete information is revealed to us, so shall it be passed on to you, so stick around and we’ll keep you up to date.

Rest in peace, Wii — if you were ever truly alive.

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