Hulu Plus Hits Xbox 360 This Friday

Those of us obsessed with watching semi-old TV shows and movies via Netflix Instant on our Xbox have a new reason to whittle away hours on our favorite home console: Hulu Plus. For $7.99 a month users have been able to subscribe to Plus via the Hulu site, watching shows instantly on anything from an iPad to the PS3.

This Friday, April 29th, the service will hit Microsoft’s console to compete for our attention with services like Netflix. As an avid Netflix user (I’ve gone so far as to limit my live TV viewing to catch up on oldies on my Xbox), Hulu Plus definitely intrigues me. I don’t know how much I would use it, because I have a DVR and anything I miss is watched on there, but there may be some hidden feature that gives me my “aha” moment as to why I need it.

Features like being able to watch all the current season episodes of shows on air now, a backlog of thousands of older shows, and access to hundreds of movies and documentaries will definitely force some of us to pick a side: Netflix or Hulu?

Well, it is of note that you can get a free week trial (I recommend waiting to do that until Friday), and students using their .edu e-mail address can get an entire month trial-run. That’s more than enough time with money kept in pocket to let you make up your mind. All I know is if they don’t have Battlestar I won’t even consider jumping the Netflix ship.

Update 4/28: From April 29th through May 6th, all Xbox Live members (free or Gold) will be able to access Hulu Plus for one week. No Hulu Plus subscription or Xbox Live Gold membership required for this trial run.

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