Rumour: Nintendo To Give Away A Free 3DS Game

There are rumours coming out from Nintendo’s investor meeting that is currently ongoing in Japan. According to the rumour; Nintendo are planning to offer a 3D update of the classic game Excitebike for free for people who download the new firmware for their 3DS

The firmware update is set to add a shop function which itself is rumoured to offer a back catalogue of Game Boy and Game Boy colour games to purchase and download. The firmware update should also add an Internet browser to the 3DS

It’s worth noting that nothing has been confirmed yet; so take it with a grain of salt. If it does turn out to be true then it’s a nice gesture by Nintendo for the inconvenience of having to go through a system update but I’m not sure if it is a wise decision. Unfortunately if they do it once then people will expect it with every system update and complain when they aren’t given something for nothing.

via CVG

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