A Simple Question: Online Networks

It seems that over the past week, a lot of gamers have had to change their gaming habits.  What once was always there like a soft blanket to snuggle in with was gone when Sony’s PSN went down, and has remained down since last week.  While the implications of exactly why it went down, and what information might be out in the world now is being vetted on by the twitter-verse, news media, and even this very site, I want to focus in on one particular part of this whole debacle: who is this affecting?  Obviously, if you primarily play online games, or have tons of downloaded games and add-ons that rely on PSN, you are out of luck, but is it affecting YOU that much?  It brought on this week’s question:

Would an extended outage of your preferred online network greatly impact your ability to game?

The question is really looking for whether or not the online network of your primary system being down would affect your traditional gaming.  You can test this by unplugging your system from the internets, and seeing what still works (you may be surprised at how little that actually is).  Me personally? I rely far too much on being connected online to be without it for long.  Sure, I can more often than not be found playing single-player games, and I certainly would be able to knock out a huge amount of my backlog, but I also know that not everything I have has been transferred to my current Xbox; but since I’m always connected I don’t know what is and what isn’t.  So while it’s easy for me to say I’d be fine, I know once that network was down, I’d realize how much I actually rely on it.

Some responses this week included:

@KCoxDC: It’s happening to my spouse. He can’t install & run a couple of disc-based games b/c they need to patch on install thru PSN.

@McAnus50 yes/no. I was going to start new game on ps3 & update + try MP, but had to settle on revisiting a game to fulfilling result “offline”

@bilmcgee: Nope, Very few people are exclusive to just one system.

Thanks to those that responded this week.  Keep an eye out in #PNASQ on Monday when I’ll pose next week’s question.  Want to sound off?  Vote above, and comment below!

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  • It is sad to say but the PSN outage really hasn’t effected me and my gaming habits as I play 98% of online via Xbox LIVE and most all of my gaming is on the 360. Not that I am a MS fanboy, but most of my friends are on the 360. I just hope this makes PSN stronger.