Anonymous IRC Chat Forcibly Closed

Although several days ago I wrote a piece about Anonymous, I have since come to the conclusion that Anonymous was probably not responsible for the PlayStation Network Hack. They’re just too disorganized and don’t have the mental capacity as kids who do it for the ‘lulz’ to be able to pull this off. I didn’t directly implicate Anonymous, as obviously I’m not the authority to do so, but I did write about the arguments and rumors that have been swirling around the internet regarding Anonymous and the PlayStation Network Hack.

As a result of these rumors, Anonymous IRC chat, Anonops , has been hacked into and forcibly closed. I wonder if these is a reaction to Anonymous being linked to the PlayStation Network Hack despite them denying responsibility, which I detailed in a previous article

As detailed on the IRC chat server:

We are currently experiencing an attack against our infrastructure. We are looking for a way to mitigate it but for the meantime some of our services will be unavailable We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Hopefully, this issue will be settled, but more importantly, hopefully the issue of rebooting the PlayStation Network will be settled to. Check back, and I will get into the new developments shortly.

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