Hulu Begins Offering Credit To Those Affected By PSN Outage

Well some relief is in site for us paying customers. I woke up this morning, getting ready to go to work and this was in my inbox. Inside the email is a link that when you click, you will be taken to Hulu’s website and a $2.00 credit will be applied to your account. Now this only happens if you click the link in your email so if you didn’t receive that email and you are a Hulu Plus user, you might want to contact Hulu to let them know. It’s kind of nice of Hulu to do this really though, it’s not their fault PSN is down and you can still use Hulu on other devices. Now the question is, what’s Sony going to do for their paying members? I have a Hulu Plus account, a Netflix account and a PSN Plus account, all of which have been affected by this downtime.

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