2011 A40 BXR Special Edition ASTRO Gaming Headset

As gamers we are always looking for the best gaming headset out there, not only to improve our gameplay by hearing our enemies footsteps from afar but we also like keep our families happy when we are pulling an all night gaming session.  So we have a special edition we would like to share with you.

The 2011 A40 BXR Special Edition is not only a great looking product but is well priced for a quality headset.  Priced at $199.99 you may say that is not a great price, but take a look at the features and you will agree that this a great gaming headset and well worth the $200 price tag.

Features Include:

  • Amazing sound quality – Combining audiophile-grade sound and crystal-clear voice communication, you’ll hear your enemies from every direction. Give a read through our reviews or check out any MLG event in person to hear for yourself.
  • New and Improved Microphone – When you’re on the MLG main stage with thousands of dollars on the line, you need your mic to stay put to hear your teammates clearly while blocking out the roaring crowds. The A40 2011 Edition features a new and improved mic that picks up your voice flawlessly, filters out the cheering fans and stays exactly where you place it.
  • Enhanced Audio and Comfort – Already boasting the most comfortable ear cushions available in a gaming headset, we worked with MLG pros to block more outside noise and deliver more bass without losing the richly detailed positional audio the A40s are known for.
  • Signature ASTRO Construction – The A40 has set the standard for quality and performance since its introduction in 2008. The 2011 Edition continues this tradition with unsurpassed durability, flexibility, adjustability and of course our exclusive Quick Disconnect cabling system.
  • Fully Configurable Comfort and Style – ASTRO A40’s are a fully adjustable headset to fit any size user. The boom mic can be positioned on either ear or removed entirely. ASTRO’s patent-pending removable speaker tags allow you to game in style, featuring an online Speaker Tag Customizer to design your own unique look (sold separately).
  • Multi-Platform Solution – Like all ASTRO headsets, the A40 2011 Edition enriches your audio experience no matter what console you game on or which audio devices you use. For the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, simply pair your A40’s with our wired MixAmp™ or wireless MixAmp™ 5.8 for a complete console solution. The A40, MixAmp™ and MixAmp™ 5.8 are also perfect for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone, iPad or anything else with a standard headphone jack.
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) Cable System – The A40 comes standard with a mute switch and two QD cables; a 2M cable for console gameplay, and a 2M PC cable with volume control, and a standard dual-jack PC connector.
  • Optional Upgrade to Full ASTRO Audio System – ASTRO recommends pairing your A40’s with either our original wired MixAmp™ or wireless MixAmp™ 5.8 for full Dolby® 7.1 decoding and the best surround sound gaming experience on the planet. Please see the Audio Systems section.

What did I tell you a great headset at a great price. So head over to ASTRO and be sure to not only checkout this headset but all their great headsets designed for comfort and functionality at a great price.

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