A Full-Size QWERTY Keyboard For iPhone

A full-size keyboard for the iPhone have they lost their minds?!  No they haven’t and this is perfect bridge between your iPhone/iPod Touch and your computer.  Not only will the WOW-Keys keyboard allow you to use a full-size QWERTY keyboard but it is also a docking device for charging and syncing.  Now I know this isn’t for mobile use but when you get to the office or back home this will prove to be an easy way to catch up emails with easy text input and you can switch modes from the WOW keys to the touch screen on your device.

Here is a little more about the WOW -Keys keyboard:

The iPhone is portable and powerful, but entering or extracting a lot of data can be awkward and time-consuming,” says said Ammar Adra, president of CompuExpert. “The Wow-keys gives your smartphone access to the power and multitasking capabilities of the computer, and lets your computer take advantage of many of the cool iPhone apps.”

With its laptop-style soft keys, the Wow-keys allows you to input text comfortably and efficiently into your iPhone, or input commands from the iPhone to the computer via the touchpad. Swap between modes quickly with the touch of a button, and execute common tasks via 12 iPhone hotkeys. The Wow-keys charges your device via USB, and also syncs with iTunes®. The keyboard can also be used with an iPod®, and it supports Windows, Mac and iOS 4.x operating systems.

The WOW-Keys is expected to be available at retail on May 24, 2011 at a suggested price of $99.99.

More information about WOW-Keys checkout their site

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