Sony Considering Compensation For PSN Users

After more than a week of having both the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services offline because of an alleged hack and data breach that has potentially compromised sensible user information, Sony seems to be having a lot of trouble handling the whole situation. For instance, it’s been unable to avoid the actual hack, but most prominently it has had a rather clumsy way of releasing information to the public; going as far a announcing the data breach at an arguably very late time. This naturally lead to news like the one found yesterday, regarding a customer filling a lawsuit against the Japanese giant while demanding, among other things, a monetary compensation.

But is that even possible? As said before, Sony has kind of lacked sensitivity when addressing this issue, but an official response to gaming website Gamersmint seems to indicate they are indeed considering the option of compensating its users in some way.

When asked if Sony would be offering free items, special offers or actual money to PSN users who had been suffering the unfortunate shut down of the platform, SCE UK Senior PR Manager, Jonatthan Farger had this to say:

While we are still assessing the impact of this incident, we recognize that this may have had financial impact on our loyal customers. We are currently reviewing options and will update consumers when the service is restored.

While it’s true Sony might be having a rather tough time these days, the real victims of this situation are the gamers. It’s good to know the Japanese firm is at least considering how to amend the inconveniences its loyal fan-base have been enduring with this unfortunate events.

Source: Gamersmint


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  • DJ

    Mess the hackers and you get stung.

  • Disciple027

    Ridiculous, they shouldn’t have to compensate anyone monetarily unless someone was financially hurt by Sony losing their info. You can’t play on PSN for a couple of weeks, get over it. And as far as them taking too long to release the fact that the hacker stole personal info, two things – 1. It probably took them a good amount of time to find that out. It’s not like the hacker left a note saying what he did while he breached the system. And 2. Before you announce that personal info has been stolen to the general public, it’s best to make absolutely sure before causing a panic. The fact is, the guy filing the lawsuit shouldn’t (and probably won’t) win this case unless his identity is stolen and there are charges made to his credit card that he can absolutely prove were a result from PSN getting hacked. I for one think Sony is doing pretty well for being the target of a cyber-terrorist and having to take most of the blame from the public. No security system is 100% safe, even the FBI has been breached before. Hackers gonna hack.