Fruit Ninja Kinect?

It would appear that the very popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja developed by Halfbrick, might soon become a Kinect game as a games rating system very similar to the ESRB rating has rated Fruit Ninja Kinect. Could this be the merely be a coincidence whereby a different studio are creating a game and blatantly using the name of a popular mobile game or are the developers of Fruit Ninja bringing their highly addictive fruit slicing app to consoles?

I personally believe that a Fruit Ninja title for Kinect would show off the accuracy of Kinect as gamers attempt to slice fruit in mid-air and it wasn’t so long since we heard of a Doodle Jump Kinect game which has me wondering, what other mobile applications might make the transition from one gaming platform to another? Perhaps this could be the start or a Kinect app store? Maybe not but still, with Microsoft’s E3 press conference drawing ever closer, it will be interesting to see what other Kinect titles there might be.


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