MX vs. ATV Alive Trailer

The MX vs. ATV series has a weird place in my heart. I remember getting fairly into Unleashed because I played it at a friend’s house and you know how if your friend has something but you don’t, it’s already worth lusting over, but after that, I was really disappointed with where it went. Untamed went to the Wii with mediocre results, and On The Edge was a moderate PSP entry.

So after the similarly middling Reflex a couple years ago, developers Rainbow Studios is back with Alive, but in a more diminutive manner. It will be significantly cheaper than most other full retail games with hopes that you spend a lot of money in their DLC store. I’m not into it, but who knows? Maybe this will be the MX vs. ATV to get me back into the series…after six years.

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  • ISpartan24

    The MX games are fun locally, like a sibling or friend, and I have a lot of memories from MX vs ATV on the PS2, I suspect Reflex will be great also.