The M. Review (iPhone)

Game Review: The M.
Release: Apr 10, 2011
MSRP: $0.99/ £0.59
Developer: iFun4all
Rating: 4+
Version: 1.01
Size: 13.3MB

The M. is a fun little puzzle game that has two modes- Slider and Puzzle which is basically a jigsaw. There are 16 different images to choose from and three difficulty levels in each mode. The puzzles in each difficulty get progressively harder and range from 9 to 25 squares which you will need to rearrange in order to complete the puzzle. The aim is to get three stars in each puzzle. With access to Open Feint, you can connect to your Facebook or Twitter account, compare your stats to your friends and access leader boards to see how your time stacks up against the best.

Puzzle Mode:
In the puzzle mode, you are required to rearrange the squares in order to recreate the image that is shown at the top of the screen. This sounds easier than it actually is. Not only are the squares mixed up, they are also turned about so that you will need to rotate them before placing them in the puzzle. This can be particularly difficult in some of the puzzles as there are only subtle differences between some of the squares but then again why make it too easy?

In this mode, don’t worry about keeping all of the squares in the puzzle when rotating and moving them. It’s actually a lot easier to move the piece out of the puzzle. Another tip I would give is to use your thumb to hold the piece and your finger to rotate it. I wasted 5 minutes in my first puzzle trying to figure out how to rotate the pieces. The quicker you complete the puzzle the more stars you get.

Slider Mode:
These are typical slider puzzles where one space is free in the puzzle and you have to move the pieces one by one to assemble the image. Complete the puzzle in good time to get three stars. This is more difficult than the Puzzle mode especially when moving up the difficulties and there are 24 squares to rearrange and again the minor differences between some of the squares can leave you with most of the squares in the right place but a few that you can’t figure out where they should go. There are no tips I can give you for this other than perseverance.

• Ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter through Open Feint
• Access to leader boards
• Game Centre compatible
• 2 Puzzle Modes and 3 Difficulty Levels
• 16 images ranging from photographs of landmarks and nature to painting style images
• Ability to pause the game

I found that while the puzzle runs smoothly when in a game, the response time when trying to access the menus is very slow and would definitely need improved as at times I thought that my iPod had frozen. Other than that it would be nice to see updated puzzles for those hard core puzzlers who would complete the game.

Anna’s Final Say:
I have to say that I enjoyed the Puzzle mode a lot more than the Slider mode although that may have more to do with me being better at jigsaw puzzles. It’s a great wee game to kill five minutes but I couldn’t imagine playing it for a prolonged period of time. Would recommend it if you like a game that you can pick up for a few minutes then put down again.


You can purchase the game here from iTunes.

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