Order & Chaos Online: First Impressions

I see Exp, HP, MP, and stats. Sign me up!

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I’ve had a major itch develop over the past few weeks. Nothing unsightly, but definitely treatable. Several symptoms have come into play: Tax return money, the release of Rift, and the insatiable desire to get back into MMO’s. I thought long and hard about buying Rift, but the decision isn’t that simple. Rift is PC only and my current setup would probably top out at 7 FPS. Playing Rift would effectively cost me hundreds of dollars in upgrades, not to mention the software and subscription fee.

I’ve been playing a lot of World of Magic (iPhone MMORPG), but after leveling all three classes to 12 I have come to realize the game devolves into a perpetual grind around level 10. The only way to get more powerful is to grind for experience and grind for items. I don’t use that term lightly, since it is often used in a negative connotation to describe an RPG. There are no quests to give you more experience and the mobs scale at a higher rate than the gear you can afford. I caught a glimpse of my future, and I didn’t like it; a month later, I was level 15 and I had killed ten thousand Red Crabs to do it.

It was fun until I realized this is all I would be doing for the next month.

A few Google searches later, I found an MMO that was released on April 21—Order & Chaos Online. There is a limited amount of information concerning the game, but here’s what I do know:

  • The game costs $6.99 upfront and includes a 3 month subscription
    • After that, you can renew for $0.99 a month, $1.99 for 3 months, or $2.99 for 6 months
  • Fully real-time, fully 3D environment
  • Four races: Elves & Humans fight for the Order, Orcs & Undead fight for Chaos
    • You can have an Order character and a Chaos character on the same server
  • Four classes: Warrior, Mage, Monk, and Ranger
    • Each race can be any of the four classes
  • IMPORTANT: Wi-Fi connection required!

You start with 12 inventory slots, but more slots are purchasable with gold.

This was my thinking: If the game costs me seven dollars and I really get into it, then that is dirt cheap for the amount of entertainment it will provide over the next three months. If I bust, then I wasted two gallons of milk. Tragic, yes.

Anyone who has played WoW or a clone will feel right at home

I started an Undead Ranger and a Human Monk on the Arcadian Forest server to scope things out. I chose that server because it had a population of “Medium” and the other two were “Low.”

As a new Monk, I am leaning on my Arrow of Faith for DPS.

I have an iPhone 3GS and the game runs decently. My game doesn’t look nearly as good as the screenshots in the App Store; I’m guessing those are iPhone 4 level graphics.

Kill 5 Lake Crocodiles? I feel like I've done this before...

The game is so new that many newbie quest areas are packed with fresh characters trying to kill wolves and boars. On quests to kill elite named creatures, there are a dozen people camping the respawn location and waiting for the mob to pop up. The best way to handle this is to invite everyone to party (with a max party size of 4), so you have a much greater chance to receive credit for the kill.

Waiting for a Named to respawn so we can complete the quest

Quest givers have a yellow scroll above their heads. You may select one quest at a time to follow and a blue arrow will appear next to your character to direct you. Some people might say this makes the game too easy and takes the fun out of discovery, but on a screen this size I appreciate the help.

Starting at level 5, you get a talent point for each level. Each class has two distinct trees it may invest in. For the monk, I am able to put points in the Divine tree if I want to focus on casting; if I want to be more melee-centric, I’ll go into the Military Monk tree.

The Monk talent tree. Pretty extensive, huh?

I’m only level 6 with the Monk right now, but I will be sure to come back next week with more information for you.

Select a quest to find out its destination

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  • Brandonhammond1

    I’ve bin playing this awesome game for a couple days now and I must say the world of warcraft atmosphere boggles me. I used to be a hardcore Warcraft player so im pretty much standing on the welcome mat.

  • Grinding isn’t way too bad, as long as you know when to have certain breaks. Do some quests, then go back to powerleveling. There’s more fun on PC games rather than the limited ones.

    Buy WoW Accounts

    • Anonymous

      I like Penny Arcade, but I think that Gabe and Tycho just don’t really get MMORPGs; they’ll do the occasional strip about WoW, but that’s about it. City of Heroes has been out for seven years, and they did one strip about it early on, about how you can make a character a lot like Wolverine. Now this game is out and it’s much cheaper than WoW, but Tycho thinks it’s a ripoff. Whatever.

      • Zingledot

        Well, they both played a lot of WoW, for starters.

        Besides, if you are the type that really gets off on playing as close a character as possible to Wolverine, you are probably biased towards a game that gives you that option.

      • No

        Most of the core pieces of WoW are there. I also see it as a WoW rip off. Two sides battling, each side has unique races, the UI is laid out and looks similar, the talent trees. Nothing unique here aside from being on your phone.

        • Stexe

          Uhm… WoW is a rip off of basically every other MMO out there. They just chose the best of the best and culled the weak. I mean if you want to talk about originals, we should go back to Ultima Online and EverQuest.

          • MDSRocker

            Except that World of Warcraft took features from several games, this take the whole goddamn game, downgrades in several respects, and sells it under a new name.

          • Dr. Faust

            Not “downgrades,” but “streamlines.” Every feature that is in some way diminished is not thereby ruined, but rather simplified. This is a necessity for the smartphone platform: putting WoW itself on a smartphone would require so many changes that it wouldn’t be WoW any more. This is a similarly structured but skeletonized version, and in that sense it is original.

            If nothing else, the people who made O&C have put forth a compact take on an old favorite. It is written in Ecclesiastes that there is no new thing under the Sun; calling something an unoriginal ripoff is, itself, an unoriginal ripoff. You’ve been beaten by the son of a desert prophet who didn’t even know what a phone is.

            I suspect that there are significant differences in plot and worldbuilding as well. Going strictly by what’s given in the OP, you may as well say that it’s a ripoff of LotR online for having two factions against each other. The good/evil (or “order/chaos”) dichotomy is not nearly so clear in WoW, if you look into the lore for more than twenty minutes.

          • MDSRocker

            Say what you will, it just depresses me that this is not a game. It really isn’t. This is a business product. Understandably, everything we do has some sort of influence from other things, but what makes products of media like this so fantastic is that they are spurred by our creative imaginations. To see that a game has been made with barely any actual creative input leaves me with the sole purpose of it now; a business proposition.

          • Vontre

            Does Blizzard make an MMO for iphone? No? Then who cares. Some people want portable WoW lite. Are you offended that someone made a product people want to fill a market that wasn’t being covered?

          • Cruentus

            Yeah, pretty much. “Oh, but WoW ripped off…!” Yeah, all work is derivative. NOT all work is a ripoff. When I see these screens, now, I can’t see the animation, but the models look EXACTLY like WoW character and equipment models at a low resolution. I have played a lot of MMOs and I have never seen such a close likeness between two sets of models made by different companies, where the models themselves are very recognizably distinct within the industry.

            Also, The Realm Online predates Ultima Online as a forerunner of graphical MMORPGs.

          • Jenna

            If you really want to go back, go back to MUDs, MUSHs, and MOOs. I played a MUD that was basically WoW without graphics 15 years ago. And of course, none of this would be around if it weren’t for D&D.

          • FFS

            If you really want to go back, bust out the rocks and cardboard box! That’s what I made do with when I wuz yer age, you spoiled brats.


          • Davie

            You played with rocks at age 20? Who’s the moron?

          • This whole chain of replies degraded very quickly: It went from Penny Arcade discussing runes, to mentioning WoW’s influence on MMO’s, to chasing baby mammoths and cave paintings. God bless the Internet.

          • Chicken_Sandwich

            Blame Monty Python. They did the bit where “My Childhood was so bad” and just kept trying to out-do each other, and as you know, the interwebz loves their Pythons.

          • Bob Rosko

            The cycle isnt complete until Hitler is mentioned…wait, i just mentioned him! Cycle: complete

          • Seafea

            Stop me if this is too much of a jump here, but I believe he may have been using sarcasm to illustrate the idea that ‘A copied B, but since B also copied C, it’s ok now.’ is a dumb argument.

            There’s clearly huge amounts borrowed from WoW, but they have different target audiences.

          • 8Bitgeezer

            You had cardboard? Why back in my day we’d be lucky if we had rocks to play with, cause that was a valuable commodity at the time. Nope, we’d have to settle for chasing baby mammoths until our toes froze off, now THAT is powerlevelling! Why I remember this one time…. ZZzzzzz….

          • SomethingSnappy

            If you want to go way back, carving into a cave wall used to be the best back, back in the day. WoW totally ripped that off.

          • Classtoise

            No, it is literally ripping off WoW. It even uses some of the animations, the character skeletons, the styles of the portraits with the numbers floating in it. Hell, two of the quests are literally IN WOW. It’s one of the earliest quests you do (It’s Gnolls instead of Goblin Raiders, but the general idea is the same) and the Crocodile one (“kill a bunch of crocs because “someone” has a grudge against them)

            It’s not even subtle!

        • Sure, this game is absolutely reminiscent of WoW. That is probably what draws a ton of gamers to it. Smart move, I say.

      • VictorV

        How do Gabe and Tycho not get mmos? Or wow specifically? Gabe’s been playing for years and got tycho into it. In fact, one episode of patv shows him with a computer setup to play wow while he works out on the treadmill. Just because they don’t cover your favorite game doesn’t mean they don’t play any of that type of game.

      • T

        I understand that everyone, to some degree, has that one thing they’re sure they “get” more than those around them, that they believe themselves to have the total view of it, the *intended* view of it. But Gabe and Tycho have stated many times that even when they say they’re playing nothing, of *course* they’re playing WoW. Always they’re playing it. They are hooked. They are admitted junkies. The claim that they, “just don’t really get MMORPGs,” is like one heroin addict condescending others because the tracks on their arms aren’t nearly as grotesque as his own. There are levels of, “addicted,” perhaps there are levels of heroin appreciation. But make no mistake: They “get” MMORPGs. Or rather, MMORPGs have *gotten* them, the way an osprey gets a fish in it’s awful talons and does not let go until it is ready to devour it utterly.

      • guest

        I agree with Penny-Arcade that this is a rip-off company, just look at their other titles.

      • Gabe and Tycho don’t get WoW? I’m pretty sure they’re both avid players.

  • guest

    Hey bro you should get a ipod 4 or iphone4, or go all out and get a iPad. The graphics look SO much better than your screenshots, they are exactly like world of warcraft graphics.

    • I hear ya. I may go for the iPhone 5, depending on what upgrades are made to it. I definitely agree the iPhone 4/iPad offers superior graphics.

  • Bollocks

    wait what? is that actually just WoW for a phone? i havent played WoW for a while but that looks literally identical to it to me.

  • Flavafalconn

    What sort of iPod is it able to be run on I have a 1st gen

  • To play this game, you must have one of the following:

    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4
    iPhone touch 3G
    iPhone touch 4G
    iPad 1 or 2

    On the bright side, it would be cool to use your first gen as a paperweight.

  • Jsumner

    I’m level 40 Monk Divine Spec I went this spec because of the benifit at level 35 you get to regen mana with a spell that cost 0 mana to cost, and you have the ability to heal yourself. As long as you pay attention 35+ with a divine monk this game is pretty smooth sailing it seems. I’ve only been playing 5 days now.

  • Goatmon

    ahahaha, people are defending this game against people who accuse it of ripping off wow.

    The game is almost indistinguishable from World of Warcraft! Why are you defending that?

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  • MrPimps

    works perfectly on Ipod4 really good graphic and speed on the wireless…

  • Pallinaama

    Correction: WiFi connection is NOT required.