• I’m not going to go all XBOX Fanboy, but I’m going to back up SONY on this one a little. Someone discovered an exploit, they exploited it, and that’s it. Everything’s getting hacked all the time and nothing is hack-proof. Sure, they should’ve had AWESOME security, but as this hasn’t been done before they must’ve had good security but just one tiny little hole was left, which isn’t necessarily their fault.

  • Austinlyons07

    Wait if the PS won’t be accessible till later this month, what good will PS+ have?

  • So for two weeks of losing the ability to play any multiplayer (the heart of most games nowadays), losing the ability to use my Hulu Plus account (I’m a cord cutter so this was my cable replacement), having to jump through hoops to watch anything off of Netflix and being a paid PlayStation Plus user, I’m now going to get a WHOLE free month of PlayStation Plus and some to be named later content? I’m really not sure if that’s enough.

    Let’s not forget to mention that all my information, including maybe my credit card might be in the hands of some hackers waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.

    I know they are in a bad spot with this but they really screwed up everything about how they handled this situation. I’m not going to jump bandwagons here but Sony really hurt the credibility that they had with me by the way they handled and are handling this situation.

  • BTW, Tim, the press conference already happened. It started at 9PM Pacific Time. The press release you read and referred to, is about that said conference.

  • Being that I didn’t even turn my 360 on the whole time the ps3 has been offline they obviously haven’t lost me. Shit happens, oh well. They lost credibility with a lot of people, they lost a fuckload of money, they were forced to make drastic changes very quickly. They got up and apologized to their customers and bowed in an act of contrition. Did you see BP doing that when they destroyed the fucking gulf of mexico? And the fact that there is more outrage over this than situations like that is disgusting.

    I’ll be happy when the PSN comes back up, I miss gaming online with my friends, but it was never the end of the world that people played it out to be. People need to calm the fuck down.

    • I’m a firm believer in not calming the fuck down! 🙂

      What BP did was criminal, there should have been people in jail for that colossal fuck up, but that can’t really be compared to this at all. And I really don’t think there is more outrage with PSN when compared to the BP oil spill, I think that you follow more gamers and anything else and because of that, that’s what you see.

      Last nights press conference was the first time they seemed to own up to this, and even then they still blamed other people or entities. I could careless about what happened though, I just want to be able to game online and know for sure that the hackers don’t have my CC info.

      • Famousmortimer

        I just don’t understand what you want. They are getting it back up and more secure. Their stock took a hit. Their brand took a hit. They lost tons of money. They gave us the roadmap back to a fully functional psn. They are giving us free shit, the extent of which we don’t know yet.

        I mean what more could you possibly want? They’ve been punished, they lost money and they lost customers, and they told us exactly whats happening.

        This is pete btw, it won’t let me sign in on my iPad.

  • nerseg

    Is not a big deal, it has been an opportunity for me to do other stuff besides playing. Also PS3 is the best system right now… there is no question about that… what am I supposed to do, get back the wii, and 360 that I sold 2 years ago, I’d rather play offline, I’d rather play PS2….