Abandoned “Sonic Extreme” Video Rolls Forward

The list of cancelled video games will be ever-growing. Many of them will have components integrated into other titles, while others will be completely forgotten. SEGA’s had their fair share of Sonic The Hedgehog scraps, ranging from Sonic Crackers (which became Knuckles’ Chaotix), Sonic X-Treme, and even a title based off the ’90s American cartoon. While some debate the quality of the titles SEGA lets through, it looks like we’ve been saved at least from one slow adventure.

A series of YouTube clips have surfaced of an abandoned Sonic Extreme, which is part Sonic Riders, part Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, with heavy influences from SEGA’s Top Skater. In the video, Sonic takes a skateboard and rides around a Green Hill Zone-inspired locale. He can perform tricks, hit speed boosters, and the like. Chances are parts of this game went to Sonic Riders.


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