Congress Investigates Sony Over PSN Fiasco

After all of the recent excitement, it’s no surprise that the world of gaming has taken a backseat. While current international events are indeed important, the show must go on.

With tens of millions (77 million, to be precise) of PSN accounts compromised, a lot of people have anxiously been looking to Sony for some reassuring words. Sadly, there hasn’t been much. And while interrupted entertainment is a tragedy, the security of the people’s money is not to be trifled with. Or so Congress says…or at least implies.

The New York Times recently obtained a copy of a letter, written by the Subcommittee of Manufacturing, Commerce and Trade, that was sent to Sony executive, Kaz Hirai. In said letter, Hirai was asked a variety of questions concerning the security of account holders’ information. The letter (which can be read here) was sent last week with a “request” for answers no later than May 6th. That means that, hopefully, we will have a better grasp on the situation by the week’s end.

Information comes via GiantBomb

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  • OK……..the info was stolen….i got that part, why is the PSN still down? Is it gonna hurt anymore or less if you piss off 77 million customers for depriving of them the ability to vent our frustration of every day life by playing some game after work? I understand that they want to make everything better, but it’s sad that SONY does not have a back up server available for situations like this. Every day my patience is running short and my faith towards SONY is deteriorating…….because of the PSN down time, just went out and spent $460 for the XBox 360 with Kinnect and a Halo Reach. I thought I would never buy another XBox, I will be buying another game tomarrow for another $60, this is the money I could have spent on PS3 games and hardware and PS3 had my 100% undevided attention, now it has gone down to only 50%……….

    While fixing the main server SONY should have a back up server up to at least satisfy their loyal customers, and replace it with the main server once all the bugs are fixed, but it seems SONY is being too “CHEAP”!!!!!

    • professor d

      a back up server would still run on the same network you ignorant c@#$, become educated before you speak, they shutdown the network which means that even if they had back up servers those servers wouldnt have been connected to any network so they wouldve been gathering dust, also this happened last december for 2 weeks on the 360 so its not the most reliable either

      • Millk_man_jon

        I dont give a shit either way, but i dont think mircrosoft had tons of private data stolen, that is the big difference. Yes they both went down, but “The vulnerability the attacker was able to exploit was known, according to Sony.”

        • whipnurass

          360 info was not stolen because they dont take credit cards…how 19th century is that

  • Cybersoldier

    I am a Phony gay station owner. I meant a Sony play station owner and I don’t care what you fan boys got to say or get pissed off at what I got to say. Sony is full of shit it’s just a big fat conspiracy to force people to pay for the psn .Sony being out for over four years and baily reaching 60 exclusives tittles on their system if sony wasn’t too busy worrying about hackers moding there systems and more focused on their customers’ needs they wouldn’t be in this situation that they in right now .for instance last year April 1 …April fools day sony got a real kick out of removing linix and the other os from our consoles…. not your consoles …well this time the joke is on you and trust me it’s funny and for the ones that don’t think it’s funny we laughing for you .The year the Hackers took over is Sony’s greatest fear .and for all the sony ass kisser’s out their stop crying over the psn and get off your fat asses and do something constructive with your life the world don’t revolve around the PHONY Gay Station LOL

    • I’m NOT with Stupid above

      As they say, Your entitled to your opinion, but … not so much an opinion as spewing a bunch of crap. First, let me say I’m no fan boy (of anything), let alone a corporate cheerleader.

      But to state Sony did this on purpose to make everyone pay for PSN service? You’re a fool. There’s no conspiracy there.. I do agree with the point, that you don’t make very clearly, that Sony should pay more attention to their users, and don’t get me started on the hacking BS (sorry, I paid for and own the product to do what I please with it – if I hack it, teach others, and don’t use your PSN you should STFU), you go off and state something about the number of their exclusive titles?

      Sorry, it’s not funny or a joke that people’s info was stolen and I doubt any sane person would believe a corp (even Sony) would pull something like this.

      You’re just a troll flamer (or maybe your just a flaming Troll?).

      • Anonymous

        Sony needs fan boy’s commercials. I know the truth is very scary. but it’s the truth rather you believe it or not .we all been had by the corporate gaint .who do you think made Sony .without us the gamers phony gay station would not exist and another thing there exclusives tittles sucks like little big planet and the FAG of WAR what the Hell is a KRATOS anyway it sound like something in Iraq and COD look better on XBOX LOL

  • _golden_ratio_

    I am a PS3 owner and pledge no allegiance to any console or corporation. Further, people need to stop pointing the finger at Sony. A malicious data breach can happen to any entity. If the perpetrating group is committed, resourceful, and knowledgeable enough to perform such acts. Whether that be the bank you confide in or the networks for which you share personal information. Sony is simply the wimpy kid on the playground that was picked on by a bully. In another sense — possibly provoked the wrong individuals. Yes, it’s obvious that there was a weakness in Sony’s security efforts. That doesn’t make them absolutely responsible for crimes committed against them that ultimately delivers a ripple effect to consumers. Sony is just as much a victim as the people using their services. I wouldn’t be naive enough to think that Sony consumer data was the only thing stolen out of the entire debacle. I’m sure Sony enterprise/mainframe data was in just as much jeopardy as consumer data.