Get Dressed With “Catherine’s” Deluxe Edition

Atlus has announced the details of their pre-order and Deluxe bonuses of the upcoming game, Catherine. Spinning out of the Persona franchise, Catherine will be hitting both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 26th. Pre-order bonuses included an art book and soundtrack disc. The Deluxe Edition comes with a full set of clothes, if you like walking around nearly naked.

The Deluxe Edition comes with a pillow case, boxers, a t-shirt, and a pizza box. Basically, all the things a bachelor would need are included. The boxers are based off what the main character, Vincent, wears. The t-shirt is worn by the titular character. The pizza box comes from the restaurant they eat at. The pillowcase, apparently, is inspired by Vincent’s pillowcase.

Apparently, Amazon is the only place to receive the Love Is Over Deluxe Edition, while preorders there or at GameStop will receive the book and disc bonuses.

I’m definitely more interested in getting this game at launch now.

Via Atlus

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