New Trap Shown For Orcs Must Die!

I just received a new video from the folks over there at Robot Entertainment that showcases a new trap in their upcoming downloadable game, Orcs Must Die!

Their calling this news, Boom goes the Dynamite! and you can see why with the new dynamite barrel trap that’s in the game. Robot also went on to say

Drop these tasty explosive treats in tight corridors, light them up with your crossbow, then sit back and watch orc giblets paint the walls red. For maximum kill-streaky goodness, wait until large groups of enemies are clustered around a boom barrel before pulling the trigger.

That looked pretty cool, especially when they has several barrels setup on the bridge when that massive wave of enemies came in. I saw all those bonuses pop up and it reminded me of when I got my hands on it earlier this year and had a lot of fun playing it. Well stay tuned to P*N, we will surely be keeping everyone up to date with Orcs Must Die! as new news comes our way.

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