Episode 188: The Sad Sound of the Spaghetti-O Can

So long, Nickydino. After nearly four years of Rumble commitment, Nick Accordino is leaving the show for a cushy Sony gig. However, even with the tearful goodbyes, the guys don’t skip a beat. Nick works his shoot-’em-up magic in Trouble Witches Neo, Kaz dons his nano suit again in Crysis 2, Tom frees himself from Dragon Age II‘s sinister monotony, Justin shows his two colors in OutLand and Tony doesn’t quite fall in love with Bulletstorm. Plus, Nin2Jump grappling, all manners of Suttner, an ode to a money hat, individual game song nods and a pregnant duck.

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Peyton Hillis, Madden 12 Curse Recipient

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