Xbox 360 Version Of L.A. Noire Needs Three Discs

From the mouth of Rockstar’s own Jeronimo Barrera, the studio’s newest open-world epic has been announced to span three discs on the Xbox version of the game. This is compared to the PlayStation’s blu-ray disc capabilities, which manages to shove the entire game on one traditional disc. Barrera spoke to Kotaku about the news:

L.A. Noire was always going to be a massive game, from the size and detail of the world to the length of the cases, and of course, the sheer amount of MotionScan data required for the faces of over 400 actors in-game, to tell the story and make the game we wanted to make, we knew that it was going to take an entire single layer Blu-ray disc and three Xbox discs.

While this may get you in the wave-length of thought that “more discs equals more play-time”, remember that the tech in the game is reaching a level of detail that video games as a medium has yet to achieve. Even so, while the facial-video technology-filled cutscenes are sure to account for most of that required space, with the dozens of cases, huge collectible-filled map and over 400 characters populating it all, L.A. Noire is sure to be one hell of a meaty game.

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  • Anonymous

    as long as I can install all 3 discs and only have to have one in the console to play it I really dont mind. Its the disc swapping that I hate.

    • Mass Effect 2 lets you install both discs but still asks you to swap them so it’ll probably work like that.

      I’m getting the PS3 version of this, hopefully PSN will be back so the DLC is available from the off.

      • Anonymous

        I remember having to swap ME2 discs but once installed it allowed me to play the game from either of the discs