Rumour: Electronic Arts Already Have The New Xbox Console

Some of our readers will agree with the statement that this current generation of consoles has over stayed its welcome and by now we should all be dying to get our hands on the next next-gen of home entertainment.  However, only Nintendo have confirmed that they have been working on the successor to the Wii and we will all find out more at this years E3.  Microsoft and Sony have not even dropped a hint yet which is hardly surprising as they are still pushing their respective motion control.  So when we heard the following rumour you can imagine just how excited we are but what rumour are we talking about?

It seems like the successor to the Xbox 360 will be available in 2012 and with that type of time frame in mind, we would expect at the very least an official announcement at E3 this year.

The rumour in question is that Electronic Arts are already working with the next generation of Xbox.  Gamerzines have the details.  Here is a snippet to whet your appetite.

Furthermore, Develop’s source added that they believed a new Xbox system would be launching at the end of 2012 with announcements made at next month’s E3 conference.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if we do get confirmation from Microsoft before this year is over but we wonder if the momentum will now start to build following this first leak.

What do you think?  What will the next generation of consoles bring to the party and do you expect Microsoft to confirm this rumour at E3?


Source: Gamerzines

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