PSN Still Down!

This is going to be short and sweet. I just checked PSN and it gave me the “Server is undergoing maintenance” line. Sony promised that PSN would be live this week. Does Sunday count as this week?

My roommate bought a PS3 just as the whole system came crashing down. Not a great first impression, especially when I’ve heard great things about Pixel Junk Monsters and I can’t buy it. At least we have ModNation Racers to comfort us.

Very well done, sir. I approve.

This information is accurate as of Saturday, May 7 @ 12:45 CDT.

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  • Gui

    People wanting to play blops are lucky – that game is multiplatform, I’d have bought a xbox360 by now if that was my favorite game. Unfortunately I’m a KZ addict so I’m kind of stuck. 🙁

  • Disciple027

    They updated on the Playstation Blog the other day that it would take longer to get PSN back up due to another attack on the SOE servers. They’ve also had to divert attention because a website was put up with a ton of peoples names and partial addresses by a random person and Sony had to quickly take that down. The more that these hackers attack them, the longer this is going to take.

  • Harrisontrump

    Yes it sucks PSN is still down and it is wrong for them to keep giving us false hopes of it being back up. However all you people that say your switching to Xbox 360 well, I think that is a bad idea. Ok Ps3 is down but atleast you are not paying for your online gaming.

    So, say you do get an Xbox 360 like the thousands of other people are going to do and you start paying 60 dollars a year to play online. After that they get hacked and shut down and then you are really mad. You just payed for your gaming and now it is down.

    Why would the Xbox get hacked next you know you have a bunch of pissed off Ps3 lovers pointing the finger at Microsoft. The the 12 yearly call of duty kid is hacking Xbox for revenge. So, I would do the smart thing an just be patient so you can be playing online when Xbox users are rioting out side Microsoft because they all just bought a years worth subscription to Xbox live and a new Xbox. And can only look at it.