Sony Loses Over 2.08 Billion In PlayStation Network Hack

Although gamers are outraged over the sustained PlayStation Network Hack, investors and stock traders, Sony’s real corporate influences, are even less pleased with Sony’s performance. That is why that since the few weeks of the PlayStation Network incident, Sony’s stock has dropped over 2.08 billion. Investors are trying to get rid of that thing like it has a highly communicable disease.

Or is just a bad stock option

An article over at Save and Quit Gaming explains the economics behind this estimation:

The market cap for Sony is at 28.19 billion, the last traded price was at $28.06 per share. By dividing the market cap by the last traded price you can figure out the total shares outstanding which is roughly 1.004 billion. The closing trading price on 4/20 was 30.14 per share. The closing trading price on 5/6 was 28.06 per share. If you subtract the two you get a 2.08 stock loss. If you take the 2.08 stock loss and times it by the total shares outstanding of 1.004 billion you therefore get 2.08 billion dollars in lost stock profits.

From a stock trading standpoint, now would actually be the time to buy the Stock, which would help Sony somewhat but help you out a helluva lot more. I’ve actually just started the whole stock trading thing myself, so this may be the time for me to buy, buy, and sell short.

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  • Anonymous

    So to teach Sony a lesson for getting themselves hacked and handling it poorly, they are going to hack it again and then release all the information (that belongs to the innocent customers) out? The customers will suffer, Sony will suffer a little bad PR and get over it and what will be learned?

  • To clarify: When you short sell a security, you are betting that it will go down. You make your money when you buy it back at the lower price.

  • golden rule of investing in stock (shares), buy during a crisis, sell during at the peak. Although if it was that easy more of us would be successful at doing it

  • Richardlvly

    Word is sony got hacked by entry level hackers. Twice! How much do they really value your security?

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