Alan, Wake Up (Again)

Despite a few minor issues (and I do feel they were minor), Alan Wake was one of my favorite games of last year; a quality product. Despite that, it didn’t sell as great as a lot of people would have hoped — not enough to validate the six-plus years of development, anyway. And now, despite that, there are rumblings of a sequel.

According to Eurogamer, Althea Suarez Gata, a pre-visualization artist, had Alan Wake 2 listed on her resume. Specifically, it looks like she may have done some work on the in-game cinematics. Apparently the reference to Alan Wake 2 has been removed from the resume, but you know how the internet works — it only takes a spark to start the forest on fire.

I would love to see a sequel — I thought Alan Wake looked amazing, played amazing, and the story…it was amazing. Now, with plenty of feedback/criticism to work from, I think Remedy could take it to a whole new level.

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  • Alan Wake was fantastic! I’ve just got a new 42″ HDTV and plan on giving it a go on the hardest difficulty in full HD because some of the graphics are really pretty.