The Witcher 2: Living World Trailer

PC exclusive The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings arrives May 17 on store shelves.
Leading up to the release of this awaited RPG, we continue to see tantalizing glimpses into the witchers world.
This new trailer is a bit more then just a glimpse, giving us a pretty complete rundown on the living world the makers are hoping to promote. Making a game immersive is a goal of any video game designer, but I have to wonder if The Witcher 2 can deliver on the depth it promises.
Don’t mistake my skepticism for cynicism, The Witcher 2 is clearly trying to accomplish something in which no RPG before it has managed to do, by creating real, working community’s to form a living environment that envelopes the player from the start of his/her journey up until the end.
I still have to wonder, given the limitations of time devoted to any video game’s creation, whether or not this living world will hold up to the expectations. Do the characters cycle through the same dialogue, telling their friends for the 8th time that day about their shoes? Does the butcher take a smoke break every 2 hours during daylight?
My excitement and curiosity will have to wait until May 17th. In the meantime you should watch the latest trailer and draw your own conclusions on The Witcher 2’s Living World.

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