First Expansion Pack For Battlefield 3 Announced – Back To Karkand

Over on the Battlefield Blog, their team started their first part of their “behind the scenes series on Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.” It’s a look into the first expansion pack for Battlefield 3, one that will be free for those that pre-order it. I hope everyone in our community here is as excited for this game as I am. I was talking to my younger brother today about the game and I showed him their Fault Line gameplay trailer, this was my first time seeing as well, and wow, I was amazed! I’ve been purposely trying to stay away from news about Battlefield 3 so I wouldn’t get too excited, well I ruined that now. Anyways, check out the blog entry above, there’s some great information there, and keep your web browsers glued to Platform Nation as now I’m hooked and you can expect all sorts of Battlefield 3 news from us in the future.

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