Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Coming This Month

A Microsoft tech support employee has leaked some documents to Joystiq which claim the next dashboard update will be launched on May 19th. The documents state that the update will be rolled out in six separate waves, between the 19th and 30th of May, and will include support for a new disc format which adds extra storage space to discs and will be used on titles releasing late 2011 and beyond. The update also adds PayPal as a payment option for international markets. According to the documents PayPal will be the only ‘user facing feature’ of the update.

Microsoft as you can expect are keeping quiet, and when asked for comment told Joystiq “We have nothing to announce.” It all seems very likely though, as they tend to launch updates in the spring and there’s nothing particularly unbelievable about the supposed content of this one.

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  • Anonymous

    Paypal would do for me, especially if it is the start of the end of having to buy MS points in specified batches

    • J Rogerson

      Yeah it would be nice to be able to buy the amount of points I actually want for once.