A Simple Question: Gaming Related Charities

There are an abundance of charities in the world, and quite a few of them are assisted by gamers like you and me.  Child’s Play, The Humble Indie Bundle and Extra Life are some of the bigger gamer charities, but in times of need, things like Gamers Heart Japan will pop up spontaneously.  I found out first-hand how generous and awesome the gaming community can be when I participated in the Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon 6 months ago, and am continually amazed at how well things like the Humble Indie Bundle do when it is run.  With all the opportunities out there, I was wondering:

Have you donated your time or money to a gaming related charity?

A couple of extra options in the vote box above this time; I wanted to make sure folks had an answer that resonated with them.  By “time” I am referring to any act that is involved with the gaming charity, be it playing games for 24 hours, working a soup kitchen for a gaming sponsored event, or organizing such events.  “Money” is the act of donating to a gaming related charity.  Note also that when I’m saying gaming related, I mean simply that games are involved somehow (be it that a gaming company is sponsoring an event, or people are playing games for raising money, etc); the charity itself doesn’t have to be gaming related (Gamers Heart Japan, for example, has proceeds go to the Red Cross).  While I hope everyone donates to some form of charity, I’m specifically looking for gaming related responses here.

@Ind1fference was kind enough to provide a response this week:  “certainly, @tiny415 has done gaming marathons and I’ve donated money. I’ve donated money for other sites for Child’s Play too (I guess I should also say that I’ve donated but not played)”

Thanks Aaron, and for everyone else, keep an eye out in #PNASQ on Monday when I’ll pose next week’s question.  Want to sound off?  Vote above, and comment below!

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