Hands-On With Duke Nukem Forever

It’s been 12 long years since Duke has saved the world (and 15 long years for those of us wanting to get our hands on Duke again) and Duke is sure to let us know that it has been 12 fu@%ing years, just one of the many one liners you have to listen for while playing DNF as we all know Duke is known for some great one liners and this edition is no different.

The hands-on preview started where Duke left off, fighting a Cycloid and kicking the Cycloids eye for a field goal, but wait that was Duke playing the game as we end up in Dukes penthouse with a couple of Dukes babes as Duke puts down his game controller and the girls rise from the bottom of the screen. Dukes Penthouse suite (suitably on the 69th floor) is showcased with some of Dukes accomplishments during his absence from the spotlight.

As you make your way to the action you soon find out that the best way to increase your Ego Bar (health) is to well be egotistical as we all know Duke has a big ego, and rightfully so he is one bad-ass mofo right. Making your way through the game I do have one suggestion and that is to interact with your surroundings from breaking boxes, to hitting the bathroom and admiring how great you look in the mirror (among other things that you can do in the bathroom).

Now don’t expect to just run around admiring yourself in mirrors and kicking ass and chewing bubble gum as there is driving in the game and it proves to be quite fun. I drove around a little bit hitting some awesome jumps and avoid getting stomped by giant aliens all while being a shrunken Duke driving a RC car on the bottom floor of Dukes (Ladykiller Casino) casino.

Dukes arsenal has pretty much remained the same and the Ripper still proves to be a great weapon to tear apart those alien bastards in no time. The pipe bombs are a still a great way to reek havoc and the laser trip mines not only pack a good punch but you can tag your enemy with one and watch them explode at a distant when you trigger it. Let’s not forget Dukes shotgun as that is a staple in any Duke Nukem title and let’s not forget his faithful M1911 pistol strapped on his side. (These are the only weapons I used while playing the game) You will only be able to carry 2 weapons at a time but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some of the other great weapons found throughout the game.

My short time with Duke proved to be a great walk down memory lane. From pictures in Dukes penthouse depicting some of his past games to his gritty one-liners, Duke is sure to be a hit with the Duke fans new and old. I can’t wait to play the entire game through (which is said to be about a 16 hour game or more depending on how you play) and take Duke through the paces and help rid the earth from the alien scum once again.

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We did not get to play any multiplayer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you some multiplayer screenshots!

Duke Nukem Forever Official Site.

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  • Anonymous

    looking forward to this so much. Can i take the opportunity again to gloat that i predicted before last years E3 that Duke would get picked up and released only to be mocked by the rest of the writing team (even on Lock n Load)?