Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Heading To US And UK

SouthPeak has just announced that they have signed subscription-based mythological MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising for retail release in North America and UK. Don’t really know much about the game? Well have no fear as Platform Nation is here to give you a little insight about the game and also provide some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a full-scale action-adventure MMO that plunges the audience into the rich history of Roman mythology. Players must regain their honor and rebuild their Ancestral Estate while defending Rome from an evil cult. To defeat the enemies of Rome, these heroes must recruit and command over 130 unique minions against an ancient enemy, the Telchine gods, who have unleashed a horde of cultists to topple the realm and take
vengeance against the Olympian gods.

For more information on the game checkout their website, become a fan on Facebook or follow the game on Twitter.  Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising will ship in North America on June 21st and on June 24th in the UK.

Warriors who buy the retail version of Gods & Heroes get a host of extras, including an exclusive minion to accompany them into battle and the Armaments of the Gods, a special weapon pack that features mighty blades, axes and magic staffs that aren’t available anywhere else. Alongside these exciting bonuses, players also receive two buddy keys to give to friends, so they can join the fight.

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