Got $38,000 To Spare For A NES Game?


I once nearly spent £100 on a SNES game (Street Fighter II on Japanese import from some cowboy in Manchester if you’re curious) but I have to say the price of this game makes my proposed purchase seem like bargain of the century.

Currently in Ebay in the States is a copy of Stadium Events by Bandai.  Seemingly the NTSC version was recalled by Nintendo before going on general sale and therefore the few copies still out in the wild are extremely rare.  $38,000 kind of rare.  Now that’s some serious cash.  I’m not sure what reviews exist for this game so I can’t even say if its a good game or not.  But if you simply must own every NES game ever made then this opportunity is unlikely to come around again for some time.

Before my European brethren start rooting around car boot sales and charity shops this weekend though – a word of advice from Video Game Price Charts.  Evidently the PAL version released in Europe is “only” worth $200.  Still seems like its worth flogging if you find it in your attic some day…

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