PlayStation Network Back Up For Some

Good news, Sony fans. Sony has just begun using select groups to test the PlayStation Network. Certain individuals among Europe, Japan and the US will soon gain access to the PlayStation Network in order to test it for mainstream revitalization. The following was posted on the official PlayStationNL Twitter Account and has been translated below for your English speaking convenience.

@ snickel86 Currently, a select group to test the network. Territories = Japan (Asia), Europe & America

Hopefully, this means that the PlayStation Network will be up by the end of the month as originally stated, although Sony has since denied that claim. Stay tuned for more information about the ongoing PlayStation Network situation.

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  • adam

     yes firt 1

  • soulcalibur the soul still burns.

  • Denied what claim? Sony said the FULL restoration would be by MAY 31. People took that and ran with it, and it came out all twisted …folks saying “OMG no PSN until 5/31″…Of course they denied THAT part. They always said matchmaking would return before the Store and other parts would, and reiterated that FULL restoration would be before 5/31 with online matchmaking coming back sooner. Facts, just the facts.

    • Keith1074

      Hey, Your absolutely right about The FULL restoration by MAY 31, But you didn’t have to shout!!

  •  Does anyone have the link to it untranslated in Japanese?

    • This is the original Tweet’s not in Japanese  

    • Keith1074

       Yes Google translator, obviously copy and paste what you want to translate into spots on page and you can read any language you want. here’s the link, thanks for the article!!

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  • Oliver squires

    sony are incompetent it should of never happend my 12year old son could hack ther firewalls 

    • Dummyguy

       Your telling off Sony, But you can’t even speak or spell properly, Get a life dude. Go look in the mirror and yell at yourself, Ya big dummy!! You 12 year old is smarter than you are!

  • Ashdsj

    Hello my name is mitchel, can someone please give a real date on when the network is back up, i mean this is redicilous!!!

  • [!CALL_ME_PRO!]

    F**K that sh*t a month dnt yous think 1 month was enough? Suffering and only some ppl get to use psn wtf is that shit if any of this is even true that this post says but psn needs to stop f**king lieing in every psn blog and get the f**king psn back online 24 days of testing should be more then enough dnt u guys think? Lol I mean 4real I use ps3 4 1 thing metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots=metal gear online n that gets cut in November so I only have little time to use that n then on done wit gaming so they need 2 get that sh*t back up n running ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( lol

    • Gosh sir, you must have been suffering really bad.

  • Pistol

    Every one just needs to go out and buy a fag box and let Sony know that we mean bussinace. And that we want the godsdamn network on right fucking now.

    • Keith1074

       what is bussinace???

    • lvanos

      Maybe instead of buying a “fag box” you should save that money and go out and buy some grammar tutoring. “Bussinance”, really?

    • Black_Ops

      Yea! What is Bussinace? I think i want to major that in Kollage

  • Crofty_098


  • [!CALL_ME_PRO!]

    Lol ya that reminded me metal gear is only 4 ps3 so a fag box woodent help me lol n :'( do ya here me out psn

  • XIV

    OOOH gosh everyone is so confused. Bloomberg reported that May 31st was the date set. Sony had only mentioned that full functionality (stuff like the playstation store) would have to wait until the end of May. So they denied Bloomberg’s report, because regular online play (hopefully) will be up before that. I can’t believe all these people are allowed to spew this crap like they know what they’re talking about.

  • the_original_Cru_Jones

    I’ve enjoyed the break from psn. Its nice to get outside for once

  • Matthewfitch

    I’m a true blue playstation fan and I say screw Microsoft I’ve owned at least five of them just not as good as my playstation sorry that’s just me though I’m not a trader

  • Matthewfitch28

    I really needed a break from black-ops so I could focus on work and I got a break but I did not expect it to take forever or so it seems but I guess I’ll stick it out