Who’s Up For Some Halo Reach This Weekend?

Alright everyone, now that I’m back to being a Xbox Live Gold member, what better way to bring myself back to the 360 then to have a small community game night with Halo Reach! Now this isn’t 100% set in stone yet, it all depends if we can get 5-10 people to say that they are going to be there so we can have some fun together. We are just giving this a pretty short notice though so before I promise anything, I want to make sure we have the bodies to have some community fun. And if you don’t happen to own Halo Reach, you can pick it up right now over from Amazon for less then $40. So if you want to join us, leave a comment here below and if we have between 5-10 people, then on Saturday at 6pm Pacific Time we can get together over on the Xbox 360 for a pretty fun time. Feel free to shoot me a message over Xbox Live as well, you can find all my gamer information over on my Raptr account. Oh, BTW, there will not be any map packs required for this, we will be using just the default maps.

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  • i’d be up for this.  just let us all know the time when you have numbers etc

  • Anonymous

     I’m in. Let’s kick some butt.

  • I’ve got Halo Reach, hopefully we can get a session in