Deus Ex And Eidos Websites Hacked

In the wake of the whole Sony fiasco I think I can safely say that the last thing anyone wanted to see was more hacking, and yet that’s exactly what we’ve got. As reported by KrebsOnSecurity, an attack by hackers believed to be a splinter cell of Anonymous has targeted the Eidos Interactive and Deus Ex websites. Both sites were briefly unreachable and instead displayed the below image:

In the wake of the hack KrebsOnSecurity have obtained a copy of a chat log used by the hackers, which claims that 9000 resumes from Eidos and other companies have been obtained as a result of the hack, along with information on at least 80,000 users of the Deus Ex website, which the hackers say they intend to distribute on file sharing networks. They also mention leaking “src” which supposedly may refer to source code for Deus Ex or other Eidos Games. It goes without saying but if you have a password on either of these sites which is used anywhere else, change it now. Or better yet, the way things are going, change it now, turn off your computer and shut down all communications with the outside world. Maybe become a hermit and keep a goat.

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  • Statement Issued By Square Enix

    Square Enix can confirm a group of hackers gained access to parts of
    our website as well as two of our product sites. We
    immediately took the sites offline to assess how this had happened and
    what had been accessed, then took further measures to increase the
    security of these and all of our websites, before allowing the sites to
    go live again. 

  does not hold any credit card information or code
    data, however there are resumes which are submitted to the website by
    people interested in jobs at the studio. Regrettably up to 350 of these
    resumes may have been accessed, and we are in the process of writing to
    each of the individuals who may have been affected to offer our sincere
    apologies for this situation. In addition, we have also discovered that
    up to 25,000 email addresses were obtained as a result of this breach.
    These email addresses are not linked to any additional personal
    information. They were site registration email addresses provided to us
    for users to receive product information updates. 


    No dissemination or misappropriation of any other personal information has been identified at this point.


    We take the security of our websites extremely seriously and employ
    strict measures, which we test regularly, to guard against this sort of