It’s Hammer Time

While sitting staring at my laptop screen planning my next article, I received a phone call that has prompted me to be torn between writing and grabbing my Xbox controller. Just to let you know I decided on both which to be honest is no easy task. You see, that phone call informed me that my friend had narrowly missed death by the Hammer of Dawn. Not only have Epic provided us with the weapon that has been demanded since the start of the Beta test, they have also guaranteed that I will get no studying what-so-ever done by giving us a new game type to play- Torque Bow Tag.

For those of you wanting to get your hands on the Hammer of Dawn, head over to Trenches and you’ll find not one, but two. The first can be found in place of the Mortars and the second alternating with the One-Shot. Be warned, this is a game changer. In the time it has taken me to write this, I have been killed at least 4 times. My advice, do whatever you can to stop the other team from holding both.

As for Torque Bow Tag, this is essentially Team Death Match except all pick-ups are now Torque Bows. I have to be honest that my first experience of this was pretty bad. Getting launched into a match halfway through to find Torque Bows pinging past my head wasn’t much fun. Again my policy is get there first! So if you’ve been waiting to see what else the Gears of War 3 Beta had to offer, turn on your console and join the fight. Let us know below if it was worth the wait.

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