Warhawk Finally Getting A Sequel In 2012

Nearly 4 years after 2007’s PS3 hit multiplayer title “Warhawk” was released, Sony has officially announced a sequel named, “Starhawk” due for release in 2012. The game will feature both a single-player campaign and up to 32 player online multiplayer. Starhawk is set in the near future, far away in the universe. The game is basically about humans known as the Rifters battling against mutated humans known as the Outcast. They are both battling for control over Rift Energy, which is a valuable resource that actually caused the Outcast’s disfigurement. In this story, you play as the protagonist Emmett Graves, who was partially infected by Rift Energy after an accident, and just doesn’t fit in with either faction.
Along with single-player there are several different online multiplayer modes, in addition there is co-op and split screen play as well.
Single-player being a new component for the series sounds interesting but is it a good move? Leave a comment let me know.
Here is the trailer for “Starhawk”

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  • Garytucker7675

    Great to hear! Can’t wait, I’ll be buying this for sure

  • Final4four4Ty

    I think that single player should work for the series, I think thaAt all games should Have a story Alinsgside a great multi player aspect