Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Details

Assassin’s Creed fans rejoice! The final chapter in the story of everyone’s favorite hidden blade backstabbers, Ezio and Altiar, will be hitting the shelves this November with Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Fans of the series will be happy to know that the games name, ‘Revelations’, is more than just another cleverly cliché subtitle. The Assassin’s Creed team is promising to reveal the answers to many of the questions fans have had about the story and its numerous cliff hangers since the release of the first game in 2007. So if you are like me and you have been wondering how this wacky sci-fi/historical story is supposed to end, then we might just be in luck. But even if you aren’t really into the games story, you can rest assured that Revelations will also be packing some exciting new features game mechanics that should please cloak and dagger fans all across the board.

Having already seen Venice and Rome, this time Ezio is off to Constantinople (Istanbul), seeking artifacts that will allow him to re-live the past experiences of his ancestor, Altair, just as Desmond has been doing with the Animus. Ezio is now over 50 years old, but not to worry, our hooded friend will be hoping about faster than ever before thanks to his new ‘hook blade.’ The hook blade will, according to the developers, speed up free running by 30% by allowing Ezio to scale tall buildings in a matter of seconds, flip over enemies heads while in mid sprint and zip line across ropes (clothes lines?) that connect city rooftops.

Old man Ezio. Thank God for that expanded medicine pouch!

New features also include more in depth and engaging methods for gaining control of city districts by expanding on what we saw in Brotherhood with the Borgia Towers, plus an easy to use crafting system that will allow players to create over three hundred (Yes, you read that correctly. 300!) different types of bombs that produce various effects. Bomb examples include not only smoke bombs and flash bombs, but also bombs that scatter caltrops or oil slick on the ground just behind you in order to slow down hostile pursuers whilst you make your escape. Who knew Ezio was so clever? There have also been some significant improvements made with the multiplayer that will allow players to change their character’s appearance, form a guild with a custom coat of arms, and join games with a matchmaking system that promises to be significantly faster than what we are using currently.

Everything in Revelations sounds bigger and better than Brotherhood, from the campaign length and amount of variety to the multiplayer and story line. I have to admit that this title caught me slightly off guard, as I seem to recall hearing a rumor that Brotherhood was going to be the last Assassin’s Creed game to hit consoles before Assassin’s Creed III. But surprise is a good thing, and I couldn’t be happier. Ubisoft is really cranking out content at impressive rate, especially when you consider the relatively short lifespan of the Assassin’s Creed series. Hopefully Grandpa Ezio doesn’t disappoint us.


New game, new city.

Source: Game Informer

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  • Nitrosilverx

    looks like it is going to be a sweet game! very informative article

  • Ciarandgreene


  • Moosemclint

    this game sounds beast i can not wait to play it

  • WOOO!

    Looks pretty sound atm. Wonder if their be using a upgraded engine and graphics? but it looks pretty awesome anyway! 😀

  • great article with details on the next installment in the AC franchise, it has me excited

  • Sanjay Jithoo

    Im Excited!!! BTW and they made Ezios hood look more like altairs and their bringing back some original things. Ezios not that old his only 50 in this game, 60’s would be old i think the picture deceives us a little bit. Love the hook blade and i cant wait to find out what the hell happened to desmond or lucy. Love the fact that Desmond sees Ezio and Ezio sees Altair so we get to play as 3 ppl AWESOME!!

    • Travis98

      Lucy ‘died’ m8 but ur rite about cant wait to see what happens because according to their future from subject 16 Lucy has Desmond’s child some time child some time

      • Sesweetney

        It didnt say if lucy died dont be decieved

  • A L Servetto

     yay for altair redemption!!! (ok he’s awesome, but rite now compared to ezio he fucking blows)

    • Travis98

      yh u r rite there altair is crap compared to ezio  

  • Paul0208

    It’s not the end of assassins creed. It’s just the end of Altair’s story and Ezio’s story. I also hope there won’t be VERY difficult online trophies/achievements. I like both Altair and Ezio. They are awesome!!!! There are just 2 questions who is the main assassination target? And what is the hidden artefact in Masyaf that could end the Templars and assassins once and for all! I hope it doesn’t because I love assassins creed !!!!!! 🙂

  • Paul0208

    When i said end the templars and assassins once and for all I
    meant their war. Also if you like the previous comment please like it. 🙂

  • Richard010396

    looks really good 

  • I absolutely can’t wait!

  • Rene_ibraham

    AC Revelations will be the best game of the year, It’s time to know all the answer about this magnific saga. 

  • 65

    i am a die hard fan and right now this article game is getting me hard 


    Awsome !!! Assassins Creed is a Gr8 Game and to all the People who put so much effort into making the Assasins Creed Games Thanx Alot it provides hours of entertaintment!!!!  Can’t wait for revelations !!  

  • Jdjdkdld

    The makers of revelations should make you have 4 assassins signals and make the story mOde 2-3 players online ( Ezio Atltiar and claudia) and you get to play as them in the begining like if Ezio and altiar randomly meet on the streets or in a hut or some thing and they better not make the game suck and the should make anotherone with just desmond and Mario should come back like if cesare missed his head and make the horses gallop when ever you want and not let Ezio get killed in this one and make altiars fat ass better cause I’m tired of his slow ass and little ass weapons and one blade compared to Ezio and how the fuck you gonna make a double hiddin blade and not use and his nephew knows how shit and Leonardo know how to make it out his head I swear they better not make this one wack and add Me on x box 360 on kjk1ller5 (no spaces or caps) 😀

  • Idea For Revelations

    please READ this comment:
    I really think ubisoft should put …….. wait for it……… CO – OP (with a different story from the main characters) Tell me if you like the idea and if you do try to get this to ubisoft

    • ching fu hai

      dude i think u have a rlly good idea here u should rlly try getting this ubisoft maybe they will even make it!

  • ASSassINator_-72

    You know this isn’t the last Assassin’S CreeD game

  • ching fu hai

    lol awesome

  • O0oFainterChicken3o0o

    umm .. This is not the last sequel . They said there will be another one . This one will just complete Ezio”s and Altair’s circle .