• Varun

     fuk u

  • Thanatos32

     I cant wait and Fuck Halo

  • Brandonp619

     i was all excited because i thought it was back up but then i signed in and “Playstation is currently undergoing maintenance” lol.

  • T_manz

    The new firmware 3.61 does not work on my console, it still says the network is undergoing maintenace when I try to sign in to change my password.

    However, during the time the psn netowork was down I did get a new ps3.

    • the network itself is still down (you can’t change passwords, game online, etc.). they just opened up the update section.

  • T_manz

    The firmware did install on mine fine, called playstation nz, they just said keep trying

    • the network itself is still down. they just opened up the update section.

  • Luke

    updating now, should i not bother then? 

    • Luke

      oh and is there still no jailbreak for the 3.60? 

    • let it update, once they turn on PSN you will be ready then.  Everyone else will have to update and with that many people, I’m sure it will take some time.

      • Luke

        okay cheers its been a while lol, it needs to go up soon my xbox gold JUST ran out too lool 🙁 not going well for me. 

  • Iced out dog

    PSN is on it’s way back so am I and this rock lol we had set back but let’s get it Sony