Details For PlayStation’s Customer Appreciation Program Emerge

Not only can you play online again on your PlayStation 3, but details have been released about how Sony plans to win back your love. Sony posted this earlier today over on the PlayStation Blog:

All PlayStation Network customers can select two PS3 games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

In addition to that, PSP users will be able to download any two of these games, LittleBigPlanet (PSP), ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force, Killzone Liberation. So is that winning back your love yet? If not, don’t worry, there is even more!

  • A selection of “On Us” rental movie titles will be available to PlayStation Network customers over one weekend, where Video Service is available. Those titles will be announced soon.
  • 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership for non PlayStation Plus subscribers.
  • Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an additional 60 days of free subscription.
  • Existing Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription members will receive an additional 30 days of free premium subscription.
  • Additional 30 days + time lost for existing members of Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscription free of charge for existing Premium/Basic members.
  • To welcome users Home, PlayStation Home will be offering 100 free virtual items. Additional free content will be released soon, including the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space, and Ooblag’s Alien Casino, an exclusive game.

That’s not bad at all, that’s really a good deal, one that will wins me over. Unfortunately for some, myself included, I already own 4 of those games so hopefully I’ll be able to gift one to someone else. If you don’t own those, my two top picks for you would be LittleBigPlanet and inFamous, two of my favorite PlayStation exclusives.

Source PlayStation Blog

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  • This is awesome.  Especially for those of us that weren’t PlayStation Plus Members.  All of these items are freebies for us, sure PSN was down for awhile but this is a pretty good gesture on Sony’s part.

  • Jesse Johnson

    Yeah pretty good gesture indeed, especially considering that to anyone not a PlayStation Plus member PSN was an absolutely free service.  It was already a grand gesture on Sony’s part to provide all of its users with such a service for free considering one of their competitors is successfully charging its customers above the price of a console.

  • well done Sony, this is a half decent offer of compensation but even for me I own all of those games on offer and I hardly play my PS3 so I am sure the vast majority of PS3 owners already have them.

    For me, this just doesn’t go far enough as i the compensation in my eyes is for the shockingly bad way my personal data was handled.  It’s close Sony but for me you have hit the post and not quite scored a goal.

  • TakeshiHyperion

     this is over the top!!! its truely shows how much the Playstation company loves their users!! We are what makes playstation what it is now people!!!

  • Jarredb

    how do you get these games 

    • Sony will be announcing that soon.

      Steven Artlip
      Owner / Community Manager of

  • Jarredb

    awesome man thanks 

  • Wipeout is the one I want. But, they make you update to the latest version and then when you try to sign in, you get a message saying that your current playstation network password is expired with a link to your email to reset it. When you click the link it says the website is undergoing maintainance so you can’t change your password. So all of this free stuff like games and Netflix you can’t even get to on your ps3. I bet that site stays down just long enough so they don’t have to give everyone what they promised!

  • Soxfan93

    While I like the free Playstation Plus trial, I’m not happy since I own all 5 of those games. I feel like I’m getting screwed, to be honest.

  • Rafayali

    To The people who say that it is a grand gesture by Sony to even offer PSN free while Microsoft charges for Xbox: there is no such thing as grand gestures in business. It’s all about money, money and more money. One of the reasons you get PSN free of charge is because Sony considers it financially viable – not because it is some grand gesture on their part. Keep that in mind.