Duke Nukem Forever Demo Available June 3

If you watched the video we posted earlier you already know about the Duke Nukem Forever Demo slated for June 3rd. But this isn’t your ordinary demo that you will be able to download from XBL or PSN this demo you must be the elite Duke Nukem Fan and be a member of the First Access Club to be able to download the demo for the PSN, XBL or PC. So how do you get into this elite club? A secret hand shake maybe a password, none of these but we do have all the details from the recently released Press Release from 2K Games on how you can get into the Duke Nukem Elite Club.

Strictly for the biggest Duke Nukem fans, the First Access Club grants members access to highly volatile, eye-popping content, including never-before-seen materials, top secret information, and for-your-eyes-only art concepts. There are several ways fans can join the ultra-exclusive First Access Club, including pre-ordering the game from select retailers and by purchasing the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Windows PC.

Already have Borderlands but not the Game of the Year Edition and really don’t want the Game of the Year Edition? Well you can preorder your copy of Duke Nukem right from your favorite gaming websites store, P*N Amazon Store and get in on the demo. Whatever way you choose to get into the Duke Nukem Elite Club to get your hands on the demo let us know what you think of the demo when it launches.

In the meantime to get your Duke Nukem fix head over to their website for all things Duke Nukem!

Click on the picture below to pre-order your copy now!

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  • I have my access code for the 360 and PC for the First Access Club

  • zing900

     I read on the official DNF site that if I pre-ordered of Amazon I would
    be part of the first access club etc.  So I went and pre-ordered and it
    said nothing about that anywhere.  Now I’m wondering how or when I get
    the code or serial to make the demo work on the 3rd when it’s released. 
    Does anyone know?

    • zing900

       Never mind.  I figured out they simply sent my code to my email account
      associated with Amazon.  Worked great.  I’m all set now 🙂

  • and i played it earlier today. happy to report it does not suck. 🙂