Duke Nukem Forever Special Announcement

The last special announcement we had about Duke Nukem Forever we were given the terrible news that the game was delayed until June 10th Internationally and June 14th in the US. So what does this special announcement from Randy Pitchford entail…

I’m not going to spoil it for you check out the video below for Randy’s special announcement.

Whew! At least it wasn’t bad news this time! Here are more details about how you can get into the Duke Nukem Forever Demo.

The Duke Nukem Forever Demo will be available EXCLUSIVELY for Duke Nukem First Access members starting June 3rd on Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam/PC.

You can join the First Access Club by purchasing Borderlands Game of the Year Edition or pre-ordering Duke Nukem Forever from select retailers. For more information please visit

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  • phew!  that previous ‘special’ announcement annoyed me so much that I was fearing more of the same when I saw the headline 🙂