Hulu Offers Another Credit For PSN Users

Just like when PSN originally went down, Hulu has begun to send out credit emails, this time however, it’s for the full duration of the time that the PlayStation Network was down. You need to click the link that is in your email to receive the credit, no click = no credit. For those that might not have seen the image above, here is what the email had to say:

Great news! The PlayStation® Network is back in business, and you can start watching your favorite Hulu Plus shows on your PS3™ again.

We understand that not being able to enjoy Hulu Plus on PS3 during the PSN outage was frustrating, and we’d like to offer you a credit for the full duration of the outage. In order to automatically redeem your Hulu Plus credit, please click here at any time within the 2 weeks.

Go ahead and jump on this if you were hit with an outage due to the downtime of the PlayStation Network and if you are a Hulu Plus subscriber.

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