Tekken 6 Surpasses 3.5 Million Copies Sold

Love it or hate it, Tekken 6 marked the first time in franchise history that the game went to great lengths to appeal to the more casual market. And that’s really paid off for Namco Bandai, as series Director/Producer Katsuhiro Harada just made a great announcement on his twitter feed.

We sold TK6 over 3.5million copies world wide 😉 thx!

I don’t personally own Tekken 6, but I’ve played more than enough Bob using a friend’s copy. Hopefully, this new sales figure bodes well for the sales of Street Fighter X Tekken and more importantly, the recently announced Tekken Tag 2, as that will likely lead to a greenlight on Tekken X Street Fighter. With all these titles, as well as Soul Caliber V on the horizion, the fighting game renaissance is truly in new swing. It would be great if we saw an original IP that wasn’t BlazBlue soon, but for now, I’m more than happy with where the genre is going.

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