Gotham City Imposters Announced

Monolith Productions, the developers of F.E.A.R, have announced Gotham City Imposters, a downloadable multiplayer only FPS that’s being developed for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Despite being set in the Batman universe players will apparently not actually control any of the known Batman heroes or villains, and will instead control the ‘imposters’ of the title, who are customizable characters, working as henchmen for either Batman or the Joker.

The game boasts “unprecedented customisation options” and maps and modes inspired by the Batman universe. According to Kotaku the game features a number of classes and body types, which affect your characters speed, health and strength, leading to a class based experience loosely reminiscent of Team Fortress.

Not much else is known about the title yet, but you can take a look at the first image of it below.

Source Kotaku

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