Modern Warfare 3 – Pre Order Now

It’s been a busy week or two in the world of Call of Duty.

First we get the 2nd Black Ops map pack – Escalation. Which added 5 new maps, 4 for standard multiplayer and the fifth a zombie map Call of the Dead.

Shortly after the release of the Escalation map pack, there was a plethora of information leaked detailing locations, plot points, characters and game modes that are rumoured to be in Modern Warfare 3. Activsion realising the cat was out of the bag announced that Modern Warfare 3 was in development and started releasing official information.

Today Amazon has announced they have started taking pre-orders on what is likely to be one of the biggest sellers of the year.  Amazon UK has it priced at £54.99 and Amazon US $59.99 and both are advertising a November 8 release date.

Be sure to pre-order your copy from the P*N Store and help support your favorite gaming website.

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  • Steven

     Can’t wait!!! Just bought escalation for Black Ops and it is incredible.

  • Steven

    I’m back, the only one to comment so far… is no one interested in this game?? Maybe I won’t buy it after all. I figured thousands of people would be interested in this.

    •  you can count me in the not interested numbers.  Yes it will be good but i may play it sometime in 2012

    • Anonymous

       I think many many people will be interested in this. its just that its too early to try and get people hyped. i bet by September people will get anxious and you’ll see the comments explode

  • Chance

    Can’t wait intell MW3 comes out, me and my friends were talking about if they had zombies in MW3 I think it would be cool cuz it would be a new thing for MW3, but I don’t know if it would be all that exciting.

  • Jordan


  • Burry


  • [email protected]

    how can you get it free or for 20 bucks