Monsterz Revenge Review (iOS)


Game Review: Monsterz Revenge (iOS)
Release: 4th March 2011
Developer: Astro Ape Studios
MSRP: Free
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.02
Size: 36.5 MB

Monsterz’ Revenge has finally hit the App Store. This free-to-play game promises some fun, restaurant based gameplay on iOS devices. But with a spooky twist.

Astro Ape Studios are bringing this game to the App Store and this game will keep you playing and leveling up for weeks to come. The basic premise being that you are the owner of a restaurant. But in this restaurant you have werewolves, Frankensteins monster and even Death himself. You aren’t in a traditional restaurant as you would think as your actually inside of a graveyard. You can make all sorts of spooky foods for your customers (Ghosts). The higher level you are, the better food you can make, and the more the Ghosts will enjoy your food and pay for it.

Not only do you need Coins, but you also need “Monster Energy” which you need to play minigames. The minigames that are available are fun, although repetitive. The first one that you unlock involves Frankenstein’s Monster. You have three colours on the screen and have to press the corresponding colour on the screen so that you shock him. The more you shock him, the more coins and XP you gain towards leveling up and improving your restaurant. I had a little issue with this game that I’m sure 1 in 12 male gamers may also have. This particular puzzle used Green and Yellow and to a colourblind person this can be pretty difficult. So I really struggled on this minigame and my rewards lacked due to this.


All of this cooking, minigame playing and coin collecting is aiming towards an ultimate goal. Upgrading your Monster Car for battle. The basic story is this, you have this restaurant and it’s popular until lots of other restaurants start appearing around yours, such as “Burger Fort” and “Taco Hat”. Later on it becomes difficult to actually beat some of the restaurants so that’s why you need to improve your restaurant so that you can afford to upgrade your Monster Car.

The music and sounds in the game are the expected spooky noises that you could imagine and another mentionable feature in the game is that you can only play the game when connected to the web as your graveyard/restaurants status is stored online and downloads each time you load up the game.

I really enjoyed Monsterz Revenge and I’m still playing through it. I wish the game didn’t always require the online connectivity and with all of the collectables also available as an in-app purchase it’s a little bit off-putting thinking that you might not be able to advance very far without buying extra coins or energy.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Addicting minigames
  • Leaderboards
  • Well integrated spooky theme

Monsterz Revenge is a really fantastic game and I recommend anyone who owns an iOS device to download this FREE game.

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